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7 Profitable Side Hustles For Students in Singapore

The Struggles of Being a Student and the Need for Extra Income

Navigating the intricate landscape of student life wasn’t just a challenge; it was a profound journey marked by resilience and determination. From the early age of 16, immediately after completing O levels, I found myself thrust into the world of employment. The motivation was clear – I needed to earn my keep, striving to cover not only my school fees but also the looming burden of a university student loan. The weight of financial responsibilities didn’t end there; I was also grappling with the daily necessity of putting food on the table.

Life, during those years, was undeniably tough. Balancing the demands of work, studies, and the perpetual quest for financial stability (perhaps not the right word, but probably just to survive without my parents) became a relentless pursuit. I had many friends who managed to turn their hobbies into side hustles such as teaching kids to play piano, giving tuition or even making accessories to sell online. The peer pressure of my friends doing so well served as a constant backdrop, however I did not have any talent. I didn’t have the opportunity to go for swimming or piano lessons which in turn could be a potential side hustle idea for when I was a student.

I found myself yearning for more than just survival. It was about more than paying bills; it was about laying the groundwork for a future that transcended the struggles of the present. If you’re someone like me who is just a very ordinary person, here are some side hustle ideas for those that are still studying for you to fund your daily expenses. I have also previously covered topics on side hustle for stay at home parents, and side hustle ideas for working adults.

Key Takeaways: Side Hustles for Students

  • Side hustles provide an opportunity for students to earn extra income while balancing their studies.
  • Dog walking allows students to combine their love for animals with earning money, making it a fun and flexible side hustle option.
  • Monetizing a pet’s socialization and renting it out for companionship can be a unique way for students to earn money.
  • Participating in research studies at universities can offer students a chance to earn money while contributing to academic research.
  • Joining focus groups allows students to share their opinions and insights while receiving compensation for their time.
  • Completing surveys online is an easy and quick way for students to earn extra money during their free time.
  • Reselling items on platforms like Carousell can be a profitable side hustle for students who have an eye for finding bargains and selling them for a profit.
  • Freelance work on flexible online platforms allows students to utilize their skills and talents to earn money on their own schedule.
  • Exploring side hustle ideas can provide students with financial support and valuable experiences outside of their academic pursuits.

1. Dog Walking: Making Extra Income while Bonding with Furry Companions

Dog walking presents an opportunity to not only earn money but also enjoy the company of adorable animals. Here are three key points about this side hustle:


Dog walking offers a flexible schedule, allowing individuals to choose the best times to offer their services. This is particularly advantageous for students who can work around their classes.

Physical Activity

Engaging in regular dog walks provides an opportunity for individuals to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine. Exercise benefits both the walker and the dog, promoting overall health and well-being.


Spending time with furry friends can be emotionally fulfilling. Dog walkers have the chance to establish strong bonds with the animals they care for, enriching their lives with companionship and joy.

Moreover, dog walking offers unique details for those interested in earning extra income. With reliable transportation and knowledge of popular walking routes, pet owners can feel confident entrusting their beloved dogs to capable individuals. To boost credibility and attract clients, walkers can obtain certifications in pet first aid and pet CPR, demonstrating their commitment to a safe and professional service.

Walking a shiba inu

To make the most of this opportunity, individuals can consider a few suggestions. First, promoting their services through word-of-mouth and social media platforms can help build a solid client base. Additionally, offering discounted rates for recurring clients or package deals can incentivize pet owners to choose their services. Moreover, maintaining open and clear communication with clients regarding scheduling, preferences, and updates can ensure a positive and professional experience for both parties involved.

2. ‘Rent’ Your Pet: Monetizing Your Pet’s Socialization

With the rising popularity of side hustles among students, exploring creative ways to earn extra income is crucial. One interesting option to consider is renting out your pet for socialization purposes. By monetizing your pet’s ability to provide companionship and playtime, you can cater to pet lovers or individuals who are unable to commit to owning a pet full-time.

Expand Your Pet’s Social Network

By offering your pet for rent, you provide an opportunity for other pet owners or animal enthusiasts to have their pets socialize with yours. This can be especially beneficial for pets that thrive on interactions and need companionship.

Provide a Service for Busy Individuals

Many people love the idea of having a pet but are unable to provide the necessary time and attention due to work or other commitments. Renting your pet allows them to enjoy the benefits of pet ownership without the long-term responsibilities.

Create an Additional Stream of Income

Renting your pet can be a lucrative side hustle, especially if you have a unique or rare pet breed. You can set your rates based on the duration and purpose of the rental, ensuring that you earn a fair income while helping others enjoy the company of a furry friend.

Catering to individuals who desire short-term pet companionship, renting your pet allows you to fulfill their needs while also benefiting financially. It’s important to ensure that your pet is well-socialized and comfortable with new environments to provide the best experience for both parties involved.

Pro Tip: Before renting your pet, establish clear communication with potential clients regarding their expectations, your pet’s temperament, and any specific requirements to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for all. Also, please made sure that you have a pet insurance plan to protect your furkids.

3. Participating in Research Studies: Earn Money by Being a Research Study Participant

Universities offer opportunities for students to earn money by participating in research studies. By becoming a research study participant, you can contribute to valuable academic research while also receiving financial compensation.

During my time at NTU, I actively engaged in numerous research studies, immersing myself in a diverse range of experiences that went beyond traditional classroom learning.

These studies encompassed a spectrum of activities, from filling out quizzes in a lab setting to donning a headgear and performing simple actions. For shorter and less demanding tasks, the payouts ranged anywhere from $20 to $50, providing a quick and easy boost to my finances. Longer research studies requires you to attend multiple sessions. These in-depth studies could yield substantial rewards, ranging from $300 to $500.

Participating in research studies

The allure of participating in these research studies extended beyond the financial aspect. The convenience of conducting these activities within the university premises allowed for seamless integration into my daily schedule. I could strategically schedule these sessions during breaks between classes, maximizing my time efficiency.

Beyond the monetary benefits, engaging in research studies was an enriching experience that allowed me to delve into various fields of study. Whether it was answering thought-provoking quizzes or performing tasks with a headgear, each opportunity provided a unique perspective and contributed to my understanding of research methodologies.

Moreover, the collaborative nature of these studies allowed me to interact with esteemed professors and fellow students, fostering connections that extended beyond the confines of the classroom. This networking aspect not only enhanced my academic journey but also opened doors to potential future collaborations and opportunities.

4. Focus Groups: Earning by Expressing Opinions Professionally

Sharing opinions and receiving monetary compensation is possible through focus groups. Professionals seek participants to gather feedback and insights on products or services. I have done a fair share of focus group sessions in my university days and I highly recommend it to everyone. Furthermore, it’s not just for university students, you can find such focus groups on Telegram.

Focus group sessions

Insights through Discussion

Participating in focus groups allows individuals to engage in purposeful discussions, express their thoughts, and provide valuable feedback on various products or services. These discussions are carefully moderated to obtain honest opinions and help businesses refine their offerings.

Impactful Feedback

In my personal experience, focus groups have been enlightening, covering a wide array of topics ranging from LGBT issues to controversial subjects in Singapore and the challenges posed by an ageing population. These discussions provided a platform for participants, including myself, to share our thoughts and ideas, influencing the development and improvement of products or services. By elaborating on our experiences and preferences, we contributed to shaping future offerings that better meet consumer needs.

Compensation for Involvement

One of the most attractive aspects of participating in focus groups is the tangible opportunity to earn money. Companies highly value the time and efforts of participants and express their appreciation through monetary compensation. The payout for a short one-hour session typically ranged from $30 to $50, making it a lucrative and accessible option for students seeking additional income. This compensation could be received in various forms, including cash, gift cards, or other incentives.

In my personal experience, I received mainly cash via PayNow, Grab & NTUC vouchers.

Networking and Interaction

Participating in focus groups not only offers a chance to voice opinions but also provides an environment for networking and interaction. Through these sessions, participants can connect with like-minded individuals and industry experts, expanding their professional network while engaging in meaningful conversations. This networking aspect adds an extra dimension to the experience, potentially opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

While focus groups offer several benefits, it is essential to note that each session may have specific requirements or target demographics that need to be met. Despite these considerations, the insights gained, the financial compensation received, and the networking opportunities presented make participating in focus groups a valuable and rewarding side hustle for students and professionals alike.

5. Doing Surveys: Easy and Quick Way to Earn Money

Are you looking for a simple and efficient way to make some extra cash? Consider engaging in surveys, a convenient and speedy method to earn money. Here’s why participating in surveys can be a great side hustle for students:


Surveys can be completed at your convenience, offering the flexibility to fit them into your busy schedule, whether it’s between classes, during lunch breaks, or in the comfort of your own home.

Reflecting on my own survey experiences, I discovered that platforms like Rakuten Insight, Google Opinion Rewards offer diverse survey opportunities. These platforms not only provided me with the chance to express my opinions on various topics but also presented an array of payout options.

From cash payments and gift cards to exciting rewards like merchandise or even charitable donations, the flexibility in reward choices made the survey-taking experience more engaging and rewarding. I vividly remember completing surveys during short breaks, and the accumulated payouts served as a pleasant surprise, contributing to my financial stability during my student days.

Minimal Effort

Unlike other side hustles, participating in surveys demands little to no specialized skills or training. It’s a hassle-free way to earn, making it suitable for individuals without specific expertise.

Fast Payouts

The allure of quick and timely compensation is a significant advantage of survey participation. Many survey platforms ensure prompt payment, allowing you to receive your earnings swiftly and efficiently.

Wide Range of Opportunities

Numerous survey websites and applications cater to various interests and demographics, providing you with a plethora of survey options to choose from. This diversity ensures you can find surveys that align with your preferences.

Low Time Commitment

Completing surveys is designed to be time-efficient. Typically taking only a few minutes, this side hustle is perfect for students with busy schedules who want to maximize their earning potential without sacrificing study time.

Engaging in surveys as a side hustle offers a seamless way to supplement your income without disrupting your academic pursuits. The flexibility and convenience make surveys an excellent option for those looking to meet their financial needs while juggling the demands of student life. To enhance your experience, explore different survey platforms that resonate with your interests and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable journey while earning money.

Reselling items on Carousell became a go-to side hustle for me during my student days, offering a practical way to manage my finances and revamp my wardrobe. The platform’s user-friendly interface made it easy for me to list my gently used clothes and shoes, connecting with potential buyers seamlessly. Here’s a glimpse into my own experience with Carousell:

User-Friendly Platform

Navigating Carousell was a breeze, even for a student with a hectic schedule. The straightforward interface allowed me to showcase my items with clear photos and detailed descriptions, creating an appealing storefront for potential buyers.

Back in my student days, Carousell was a recently launched company thus there were not monetization. However, I realised recently that you may have to spend ‘coins’ on the platform to ‘bump’ your listing to appear in front of more users. Thus, it may lose its attractiveness slightly.

Wide Audience Reach

With millions of users, Carousell offers a large marketplace to showcase items and reach a diverse range of potential buyers, increasing the chances of making quick sales.

The sheer volume of users on Carousell opened up a vast marketplace for my items. This extensive reach meant that my pre-loved items had the potential to find new homes quickly, providing a steady stream of income for my student budget.

Convenience and Flexibility

The beauty of Carousell was its flexibility. As a student, I could manage my reselling side hustle conveniently from my smartphone. Listing items, communicating with buyers, and arranging meet-ups or deliveries—all at my convenience, between classes or during study breaks.

Cost-Effective Selling

Carousell’s cost-effective nature was a game-changer. I could sell my items without incurring additional expenses, such as rental fees for physical stores or online platforms. This made it a low-risk and affordable option, perfect for a student seeking to make some extra cash.

Sustainability and Recycling

Beyond the financial gains, I found satisfaction in contributing to sustainable consumption practices. Reselling items on Carousell allowed me to give a second life to clothes and shoes that were still in great condition, promoting a greener lifestyle.

Of course, my reselling endeavors were not limited to my personal wardrobe. I discovered that certain items gifted by relatives and friends, though appreciated, were often underutilized. Seeking permission from my mother, I would responsibly sell these items on Carousell, treating the proceeds as my allowance. It was a win-win situation—I decluttered my living space, someone else gained a valuable item at a reasonable price, and I earned some extra income.

In essence, Carousell served as more than just a platform for selling—it was a financial lifeline that allowed me to manage my budget, indulge in new wardrobe additions, and contribute to a sustainable and circular economy. The lessons learned about responsible consumption and financial management during those student days have stayed with me, shaping my approach to both personal finance and environmental sustainability. As a student managing your finances, you may consider exploring high-yield savings accounts to make the most of your savings. Institutions like Trust Bank offer simplicity and potential for increased returns. To learn more about the benefits and features of high-yield savings accounts, check out my in-depth review of Trust Bank.

Pro Tip: To increase visibility and attract more potential buyers, ensure your listings on Carousell have clear and appealing photos, detailed descriptions, and competitive pricing.

7. Freelance Work: Providing Services on Flexible Online Platforms

In the dynamic landscape of freelance work on flexible online platforms, numerous students, especially some of my friends who were pursuing graphic design and communication studies, have seized the opportunity to enhance their learning and financial stability. Here are further insights into the benefits and potential of engaging in freelance work:

Freelancer working

Portfolio Enhancement

Many of my friends who pursued graphic design and communication studies during their polytechnic or university days actively sought freelance gigs. They help businesses to come up with logos, creatives, or even content pieces for a small fee (albeit, some of them were so good that they were earning a lot).

This not only allowed them to apply their academic knowledge in real-world scenarios but also significantly contributed to building a robust portfolio. The diverse projects they undertook became a testament to their skills, making them more employable upon entering the workforce.

Increased Employability

For those who delved into freelance work, the experience became a valuable asset when transitioning into the professional realm. The projects they took on demonstrated their practical expertise, providing tangible examples of their capabilities to potential employers. This proactive approach not only laid the groundwork for their immediate financial stability but also positioned them favorably in the competitive job market.

Global Networking

Engaging in freelance work on online platforms extends beyond geographical boundaries. Individuals can showcase their skills to a global audience, fostering networking opportunities with clients and collaborators from different parts of the world. This not only broadens their professional connections but also exposes them to diverse perspectives and industry practices.

Flexibility in Learning and Earning

Freelancing allows students to strike a balance between work and studies by offering flexibility in working hours. This adaptability ensures that academic commitments are met while providing the autonomy to choose assignments based on availability. The combination of learning and earning in a flexible environment contributes to a holistic educational experience.

Financial Independence

With the potential to earn a steady income, freelance work empowers students to become financially independent and support themselves.

While my own foray into freelance work may have been limited to a small gig, the lessons learned were invaluable. The autonomy to choose projects and work at my own pace provided insights into the dynamics of the gig economy. Although my journey may not have been as extensive as some of my peers, I highly recommend exploring freelance opportunities as a means to gain practical experience, build a portfolio, and lay the foundation for financial independence.

In my personal blog post, “JC vs. Poly,” I delve into the considerations behind opting for polytechnic education and how the acquired life skills contribute to increased employability.

Embracing freelance work during your academic journey is not just about immediate financial gains but about investing in your future. The skills honed, the portfolio built, and the global network established through freelancing become valuable assets that extend far beyond t

My Thoughts: Side Hustle Ideas to Support Student Finances

In conclusion, reflecting on this blog: Profitable Side Hustles for Students in Singapore, I find myself contemplating missed opportunities from my polytechnic and university days. While my focus was on earning quick cash through immediate-paying jobs like bars and banquets, I now realize the significant benefits I overlooked in pursuing more diverse side hustles.

Had I taken the initiative to explore various side hustle avenues earlier, I could have acquired new skills that would not only enhance my personal development but also contribute substantially to my career growth. The valuable insights gained from engaging in diverse gigs—whether it be dog walking, participating in research studies, or freelancing—extend far beyond the financial gains.

While the quick cash jobs certainly played a role in my personal development, the more varied and challenging side hustles offered a unique platform for expanding my skill set, preparing me for future career endeavors. The realization underscores the importance of balancing immediate financial needs with long-term personal and professional growth.

For students reading this, the call to action is clear: take the initiative now to explore diverse side hustles. Don’t solely focus on quick cash jobs that offer immediate gratification. Instead, consider opportunities that challenge you, expand your skill set, and lay the foundation for future success. The experiences gained from these side hustles not only contribute to your financial stability but also shape a more resilient and adaptable version of yourself.

As I reflect on my journey, I encourage you to embrace the diverse side hustle options presented. Each gig has the potential to be a stepping stone, not just for financial support during your academic journey but for the broader landscape of your personal and professional development. Don’t wait; the time to take action is now.

FAQs about Side Hustle Ideas For Students

What are some creative side hustles for students in Singapore?

Some creative side hustles for students in Singapore include dog walking, ‘renting’ your pet, food delivery, participating in research studies, focus groups, doing surveys, reselling items on Carousell, and freelance work.

Can I do side hustles from home in Singapore?

Yes, there are several side hustles that you can do from home in Singapore. These include participating in online surveys, reselling items on Carousell, and freelance work that can be done remotely.

How much can I earn from side hustles in Singapore?

The earnings from side hustles in Singapore can vary depending on the job and your level of experience. For example, dog walking can earn you around $15-30 per walk, while participating in research studies can earn you anywhere from $10 to $100. It’s important to note that these are estimates and actual earnings may differ.

Where can I find freelance work opportunities in Singapore?

There are various websites available where you can find freelance work opportunities in Singapore. Some popular platforms include Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. These platforms allow you to showcase your skills and connect with potential clients for freelance projects.

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