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Review: Customized Couple Building Blocks from Gifted Stories

Hey everyone! I’m usually here diving deep into the world of personal finance, helping you guys budget, save, and conquer your financial goals. But hey, I can have other interests, right? Like building adorable keepsakes with my significant other and also my journey with Muay Thai.

Today, I’m taking a break from the usual finance talk to share a fun experience I had with custom mini blocks from Gifted Stories. While I normally focus on helping you manage your money, I also believe in making time for fun and exploring new hobbies. Life isn’t all about spreadsheets and investment strategies, there’s a whole world of experiences out there to be enjoyed!

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These little brick sets allow you to turn cherished photos into a tangible keepsake, perfect for couples, friends, or even parents. Actually, this was my first time trying anything like this! I ordered one set, a bit nervous I wouldn’t be able to finish them, especially since I’m not the most experienced builder. Plus, I figured it would be a nice break from staring at financial charts all day! However, as I mentioned earlier, my lack of experience with such projects had me a bit worried. Visions of scattered bricks and mounting frustration danced in my head.

Building Confidence Brick by Brick

Thankfully, my worries were unfounded. Gifted Stories came to the rescue with their fantastic QR code instruction system. Gone were the days of wrestling with tiny booklets filled with cryptic diagrams. These clear and concise digital instructions, easily accessible through a scan of the code on the box, were a game-changer. They made the building process incredibly smooth, even for a complete beginner like me.

Speaking of the building process itself, it was surprisingly enjoyable! There’s something undeniably therapeutic about putting the tiny bricks together, watching the image slowly come to life. It was a fun and collaborative activity, perfect for a relaxed weekend afternoon with my girlfriend. We took turns placing the bricks, occasionally pausing to admire our progress and reminisce about the memory captured in the picture we were recreating.

The entire project didn’t take an excessive amount of time to complete, which was another pleasant surprise. While the exact time will vary depending on the complexity of your chosen image, we were able to finish ours in a single afternoon, with a few breaks for snacks and laughter along the way.

What I Liked:

  • Quick Build: I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was able to complete the project. It didn’t take up a whole evening, making it a perfect casual weekend activity for couples.
  • Simple Instructions: The QR code instructions were fantastic! They were clear and easy to follow, even for a complete beginner like me.
  • Spot-On Design: The final product looked fantastic! It matched the picture I provided Gifted Stories with quite accurately, making it a true representation of our special moment.
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A Minor Hiccup (But Easily Fixed):

There weren’t many downsides to this experience. The only thing to note is the price tag. At $74 per set, it is a bit on the expensive side. However, considering the sentimental value and the uniqueness of the keepsake, I believe it’s worth the splurge.

An additional tip: be mindful when putting the blocks together. If you make a mistake, don’t panic! A pair of tweezers will come in handy for carefully removing any misplaced bricks.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving:

Overall, the customized couple building blocks from Gifted Stories were a delightful surprise. They were a fun and easy project to complete together, and the end result is a charming keepsake that will bring back fond memories for years to come. My girlfriend absolutely loved them too! We actually plan on gifting a set to some of our friends for their anniversary.

If you’re looking for a unique and personal gift for your significant other, or even a friend going through a special occasion, I highly recommend checking them out!

Eugene Chai

With five years of financial experience (and maybe a few too many all-nighters fueled by cold brew and craft beer), Eugene tackles complex financial concepts and breaks them down for young adults. Featured on Investment sites and CNA's Money Talks, this self-proclaimed "Finance Whisperer" isn't your stuffy suit. He uses relatable narratives (think "adulting, but make it money") to turn numbers into your financial BFFs, guiding you towards smart choices with your hard-earned dough.

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