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5 Common Insurance Myths Debunked in Singapore

As an important part of financial planning, insurance plays a crucial role in protecting oneself from unexpected events. However, many people in Singapore hold misconceptions about insurance, which may lead to wrong decisions in selecting insurance policies. In this article, we aim to debunk five common insurance myths in Singapore, providing readers with accurate information and a better understanding of insurance.

Myth #1: Insurance is only for the elderly and sickly

Many young and healthy people in Singapore believe that insurance is not necessary until they are old or sick. However, unexpected events can happen at any age, and having insurance can provide protection and financial support when needed. For instance, a car accident can result in high medical expenses and loss of income, and insurance can help cover the costs.

Insurance is only for the elderly and sickly

Myth #2: Buying insurance is a waste of money

Some people in Singapore think that buying insurance is a waste of money since they may never make a claim. However, insurance is a way to transfer the risk of unexpected events to the insurance company. The peace of mind that comes with having insurance coverage outweighs the premiums paid over time.

Myth #3: Group insurance is enough

Many people in Singapore rely solely on their employer’s group insurance plan, thinking it is enough. However, group insurance usually provides basic coverage and may not be enough for specific needs, such as critical illness or disability. It is essential to review the coverage and consider getting additional insurance to fill the gaps.

Myth #4: My insurance coverage should be equal to my salary

Some people believe that their insurance coverage should be equal to their salary, but this is not always the case. The coverage needed varies depending on individual circumstances, such as the number of dependents and financial liabilities. Over-insuring or under-insuring can lead to financial difficulties in the future, so it is important to assess one’s insurance needs carefully.

Myth #5: I don’t need insurance if I have savings

Having savings is important, but it may not be enough to cover all the expenses of unexpected events. Insurance provides a safety net that can cover high costs and prevent one from dipping into savings or going into debt. Additionally, insurance policies can offer benefits beyond financial protection, such as access to healthcare and wellness programs.

Don’t Believe These Insurance Myths 

In conclusion, insurance is an important part of financial planning, and debunking common insurance myths can help people make informed decisions. It is crucial to understand the purpose of insurance and assess one’s needs carefully to select the right coverage. Having adequate insurance can provide peace of mind and protect oneself and one’s loved ones from unexpected events.


What types of insurance are available in Singapore?

Singapore offers a wide range of insurance products, including life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, and home insurance, among others. The type of insurance needed depends on individual circumstances and requirements.

Can I change my insurance coverage if my needs change?

Yes, insurance coverage can be changed to suit changing needs. For example, if one gets married or has a child, they may need to increase their life insurance coverage. It is important to review insurance coverage regularly and make changes as needed.

How do I know how much insurance coverage I need?

The amount of insurance coverage needed depends on various factors such as age, income, financial liabilities, and dependents. A financial advisor can help assess the individual’s insurance needs based on their specific circumstances.

Do insurance premiums increase with age?

Yes, insurance premiums usually increase with age as the risk of unexpected events increases. However, some insurance products offer level premiums, which remain the same throughout the policy term.

Is it necessary to get insurance if I am single and have no dependents?

While insurance needs may be different for individuals who are single and have no dependents, it is still important to have insurance coverage for unexpected events such as accidents or illnesses. Additionally, getting insurance at a young age may result in lower premiums and better coverage options in the long run.

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